Mission Statement

Halīm Clinic aims to improve the well-being of patients in the Toledo area. We hope to deliver effective, quality care to patients who cannot afford medical insurance by drawing on the character and generosity of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as a role model. 

Focusing on a patient-centered, outcome-based, and cost-effective approach to medicine, Halīm Clinic provides patients care that strikes a balance between science and empathy, professionalism and relationships, healing and forbearance.

Our History

Opening its doors in 2017 Halīm Clinic, was started as an initiative by Muslim doctors in the Toledo area who wanted to provide clinical services free-of-charge to patients who cannot afford insurance. Beginning at Masjid Al-Islam in downtown Toledo, the doctors then transitioned to their current location in Holland, OH in February 2019. Halīm Clinic then opened dental services in October 2019. 

The Meaning of Halim

Hilm, means to be forbearing, mild; to be forgiving, gentle, deliberate; to be leisurely in manner, not hasty; to be calm, serene. Our Prophets Ibrahīm and Muhammad ﷺ constantly manifested hilm, as they always sought to alleviate the suffering of those around them.

As humans and servants of Allah ﷻ, Creator of the Universe, we see ourselves as simply contributing to another’s health and serenity. To treat our patients, whether they be our loved ones or strangers, we must have hilm.


We have a clinic at 6855 Spring Valley Drive, Holland, OH. Our doctors are all board certified with volunteers ranging from high school students to medical residents. We currently offer primary care to adults who do not have insurance or who's insurance does not cover the services requested. Please call (567) 318-4609 or email us at contact@halimclinic.org to request an appointment. 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of our clinic, we are unable to write prescriptions for scheduled/controlled drugs and narcotics. We also cannot see pediatric patients at this time, nor can we provide prenatal care.

Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners for their ongoing support!